Natural Language refers to the way we humans communicate with each other and processing is basically proceeding the data in an understandable form. so we can say that NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a way that helps computers to communicate with humans in their own language. It is one of the broadest fields. In this blog, I will be sharing some project ideas of this field that you can choose for your next project.

1. Chatbot For E-commerce Website

A Chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversations. It allows humans to interact and communicate with machines in their own language.

Chatbots Are Trained Upon Some Intents, patterns, and Responses. a basic chatbot will simply compare and Return the answer. Nowadays, more advanced chatbots are in trend. They trained upon conversational data with the help of Natural Language Processing. when the user starts a conversation the chatbot will read it and compare it with all the different patterns and then return an appropriate answer.

In Today’s world, every big to a small website has its own chatbot to reduce the men’s power. Building a chatbot for E-commerce will be a great project to try. All You Need is a Little bit of technical knowledge with out-of-the-box thinking.

2. Wikipedia Article Summarizer

Summarization is the process of shortening the data to a subset of it that represents the whole data perfectly.

In this Project, The Aim is to create a script that will take the URL of the Wikipedia article and Return its summary. It uses web scraping to scrape the data of the article and then NLP to generate a summary from the text. There Are Two approaches you can follow to generate a summary — Extractive and Abstractive. The extractive Method involves selecting phrases and sentences from the original text and including it in the final summary on the other hand Abstractive Approach involves generating entirely new phrases and sentences to capture the meaning of the source document.

3. Email Spam Detection

The Way Internet is growing day by day the number of spammers and spam emails are also increasing. Every Year over a million people get trapped in email fraud and lose their hard-earned money. It is a very serious issue that needs to solve.

In this project, your task is to build a model that can classify whether an email or message is spam or not. There are many datasets available on the internet that are related to spam, so you can choose any, or The best option is to create your own data using web scraping and tools.

4. Customer Support Bot

It is similar to a chatbot but works more like a Q&A Bot. A Customer Support Bot can be used to showcase product features and remove any query a user has towards it.

5. Autocomplete or Autocorrect

It is a tool that helps to autocomplete the sentence or word without typing the actual word. Autocorrect automatically corrects the spelling and grammar of your sentence. You all must have seen and used this service somewhere Like Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Many More. These Tools help users to find more accurate results.